Patricia Dietrick, WDP

Mrs. Dietrick has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages and abilities and her strength is understanding and supporting students with learning differences.

Mrs. Dietrick is a committed, experienced and confident teacher, interventionist and leader.

          -Silvia Culler (Elementary Reading & Dyslexia Coordinator K-8)

​           Georgetown, TX

Patricia was an absolute blessing for our son, Andrew. I cannot say enough amazing things about her. Most parents who I have met seem to think that any reading tutor will be able to help their child out. That is not the case at all with dyslexia. It is so difficult to find someone with the knowledge and skills to help a dyslexic child learn how to read. Our son had been in years of intervention through school and privately throughout the summer. He was barely at a Kindergarten reading level at the end of second grade. Patricia started with him in March and by early June he had progressed to 2nd grade level! We were amazed! I realize that every kid is different, but we had done so much and seen little progress. I cannot say enough about hiring the right person for the job. Patricia's years of training and experience are evident. We were so grateful to have met someone who truly cared about our son's ability to succeed.                                                                                                         - Heather F. (parent)                                                                                                                                                                                      Trinity, FL

Patricia has been tutoring our 9-year old daughter twice a week for the last 6 months and we could not be happier with the improvements we've seen in her. Not only have her grades improved, but her level of self-confidence has increased dramatically. Our daughter was staring at her paper in the classroom, not able to formulate the stories in her head to words on the paper; now she is writing an entire page using the skills she has learned in such a short time. Since her confidence has increased, she is now happily participating in open discussion in her class. We are greatly appreciative that Patricia has acted as our daughter's advocate by being available to work with her teachers. She has also been helping us as parents to fully understand the difficulties our daughter is confronted with being dyslexic. We are thrilled to have Patricia continue to work with our daughter and with the greatest confidence, we recommend her working with you child. 

​                                                  -Karen & Christopher Halloran (parents)

                                                   Hudson, FL