Structured Literacy for the Dyslexic Scholar

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Children with dyslexia process language differently and often use their intelligence to compensate when learning to read, spell and write. Sometimes, these “compensations” aren’t efficient and a good use of their time. Appropriate intervention makes explicit connections with language to automaticity and provides a “toolbox” of strategies which could have a huge influence on a child’s life, both educationally and emotionally.

Children with dyslexia may have many strengths such as good problem-solving skills and “outside of the box” thinking.  Their unique attributes should definitely be acknowledged and celebrated. Many will use their gifts to compensate for weaknesses. Researchers, Sally and Bennett Shaywitz at the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, recognize these strengths but emphasize the importance of an accurate diagnosis and early evidence- based intervention.

Some parents believe their child will “outgrow” their dyslexia and just need more time. Schools may recommend retention.  Research indicates that retention is not effective. A child can catch up if given an effective intervention. If such intervention is delayed too long, a child has more difficulty closing the gap. Remember early intervention is ideal, but it’s never too late to seek help!

Odyssey Dyslexia Services offers dyslexia screening and intervention for children struggling with reading, spelling, and writing. Researched based interventions used are intensive, explicit, systematic, structured, diagnostic and multisensory.  
Interventions are scientifically proven effective for dyslexia or language-based learning disabilities.